Aswell as photography, gaming is also a passion of mine.

I started on an Amiga 500+, with the likes of Cannon Fodder, Zool and Syndicate. All the way through to the SNES, GameBoy, Game Gear, Game Cube, Xbox, Playstation, PSP and now on my second pc that i've built. Click for my pc specifications

I spent a good 15 years on and off playing World of Warcraft. Leading raids, being a guild master and a class leader. Often leading up to 39 other players, over VOIP, for several hours at a time.

I now still play Warcraft Classic as a Hunter class leader. I attend raids with voice conferencing (voip) and enjoy hanging out with fellow players.

Aswell as WoW Classic I also play Battlefield 1, Forza 4 Horizon and Anno 1800. I have been lucky enough to be an Alpha and Beta tester for Anno 1800 as well as a tester for new and upcoming DLC. Whilst signed to an NDA I also post of the Ubisoft forums with data and results relating to the testing of the DLC.

Battlefield 1 Level Progress95%